Any of this sound familiar?

  • You've lived your entire life living a life far from what you've desired
  • You don't believe that your power is limitless
  • You do believe that your power is limitless but you still aren't delivering at the level and intensity you should be
  • You always tend to question your abilities and suffer from self-doubt
  • You almost always have at least one excuse at everything you are unsuccessful at
  • You believe that you are the underdog at whatever field you perform at
  • You always tend to play small, live small, do small, dream small and keep on repeating this vicious cycle of mediocrity
  • You believe that you have great potential to become successful but don't know how to develop that and achieve your goals
  • You feel buried by life, buried by problems and thoughts, buried by anxiety, worry, stress

You're not alone...

0 Trillion+
in our lives
Excuses we
0 Trillion+
come up with Everyday

The only thing standing between us and our goals is the bullsh*t stories we keep telling ourselves as to why we can't achieve them, over and over again

Because in order to become great it takes

Noble Intent

With that intent I, Intesar Jawad a pretty average boy, have embarked on a special journey. A journey to achieve Greatness. The Journey To Greatness.In this journey I try and find out whatever it takes to be free from the shackles of mediocrity, whatever it takes to become great. Throughout this life-long journey I’ll walk through every alley, tread every valley, crawl through every tunnel, climb every mountain in search of greatness. I’ll do whatever it takes to find out whatever it takes. This is my journey to GREATNESS.

I want to be great. And I know you want to be great as well. So let’s be great together. Let my journey be yours. Welcome to the Journey To Greatness!